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Our Mission

Our mission is to revolutionize the way professionals and businesses connect
with their audiences, by providing a unified solution that empowers them to build
meaningful relationships.

Our Values



We are committed to providing the best products and services at the leading edge of technology. That’s why we seek superior talent, use the highest quality materials, and feature the latest innovations.



We recognize our role in maintaining a healthy, safe environment and society, for ourselves and future generations. That’s why we provide sustainable solutions and make no compromises on privacy and security.


Customer Oriented

We know that the needs of our customers are the chief driving force behind our company. That’s why we’re in a constant process of listening, adapting, and validating our results.

Meet The Team

Jaime Manteiga

Founder & CEO

Janse Lazo

Co-Founder & COO

Ana Suarez

Co-Founder & VP of Operations

Ronal Cruz

Director of Development

Gladys Lavina-Ortega

Chief Financial Officer

Michael Hernandez

Chief Technology Officer

Nahuel Osco

Cloud Infrastructure Engineer

Chandra Mudha

Lead UI/UX Designer

Carlos Pintin

Account Executive

Karlotte Nouel

Product Designer

Pavan Rajput

Mobile App Developer

Danny Zelaya

Account Manager

Our Vision

Our vision is to shape the future of how businesses and professionals connect with their audiences.

By offering a unified technological solution, we aim to simplify the connection process and empower organizations to unlock their full potential and create meaningful, impactful experiences for their audiences.


Audience Interactions with Taptok

75+ Countries

Can be Internationally without Limits

6.5+ Million

Taptok platform events


Small to Enterprise Businesses use Taptok

In The Press

Meet the co-founders of TapTok who are changing the way business cards are used. Miami-based co-founders of TapTok show the Miami Herald how to use their electronic business card.

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The South Florida Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (SFLHCC) has awarded Miami-based Taptok the Good 2 Green award in recognition of its efforts to help reduce paper waste in the business card industry.

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Environmental responsibility is top of mind for TapTok, underscored Manteiga. Apart from the obvious benefits of buying one card once rather than an endless supply of paper cards, the company uses Microsoft’s carbon-neutral servers.

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“Seven out of ten cards are never used. They just get thrown away,” Manteiga said in his Kendall office, discussing the beginnings of startup TapTok, a platform designed to help businesses connect with their audiences.

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