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Physical Products

Contactless Networking Tools

Manage your Taptok products with a simple dashboard interface. Here you can lock, deactivate and assign them to Virtual Cards or Mini-Pages.

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Discover a Better Way of Networking

Taptok’s physical networking products help you create and maintain meaningful connections in a contactless world. With Taptok Cards you can safely exchange information in-person, giving you the benefits of a traditional business card with the modern advantages of digital functionality.

My Physical Products

View the inventory of all of your Physical Products, including Taptok Cards. View statistics on the activation status of each product, and see which digital solutions they’re assigned to.

Assign a Virtual Card or Mini-Page to Product

The flexibility of Taptok Physical Products allows you to use them in conjunction with whichever digital solution fits your needs. You can assign each Taptok Card to a corresponding Virtual Card or Mini-Page, with the flexibility to instantly modify those assignments at any time.

Lock / Deactive / Reset

If needed, any of your Physical Products can be locked or deactivated and no one will be able to modify or change anything. You can reset or change the activation/lock status of your products here.

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Product Dashboard

Manage all of your Taptok Physical Products in one place

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The Products Dashboard allows you to:

View and manage your Physical Products

Activate, deactivate, lock, or reset products

Assign products to Virtual Cards or Mini-Pages