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With just 3 steps, you can becoming TapTok Ambassador and get so many advantage from it.

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Fill out a Brand Ambassador application so we know more about you.

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Share your referral link to your social channels. The more you share, the more you earn!

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Earn 15% commission on each generated sale with your code or referral link.


Start earning cash and free products from sharing your favorite Taptok products with your community on social.

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Get 15% commission from selling TapTok Cards or Dots

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Your friend will get 15% off for ordering our products

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There are the most frequently asked questions, if you have any question you can contact us

Our Taptok Ambassador program is a place where awesome people help us to spread the word about Taptok around the world. Our ambassadors are talented individuals who want to make a difference in society.

. Earn commission

. Get Free products

. Exclusive access to new products and more

. Gain exposure from all our social media platforms

. Make a difference for the environment helping to reduce the printing of paper business cards

We expect you to have an active social media presence on Instagram, Tiktok and optionally a YouTube channel. At least three times a month, create branded content featuring gifted or purchased products from Taptok with relevant Taptok tags.

We pay Ambassador commissions via PayPal. Please make sure that you have a proper PayPal account with Payouts enabled.


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