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Customize Your Profile

Create and share your profile. Add social networks, phone number, email and share them with just one tap.

Share Contact in 1 Tap

Your customer and relation get your contact and information. But you keep your card. No application needed.

Powerful Dashboard

Have a detailed view of what the prospects in your shared network are doing on your profile.

No App Install Needed

No need to install additional app on your phone. Tap, scan, and you’re good to go.

Paper business cards are a 15th century innovation and 27 million of them are printed daily. However, 88% of paper cards are thrown within a week. Only 8% are saved in an address book.

TapTok vs Traditional
Business Cards

You could save $ 25.01 per year with Taptok

Business Cards
$ 45.00
per year
TapTok Card
$ 29.99
Unlimited taps and shares
Lifetime Warranty
No battery or application needed
Custom Profile
Interactions Analytics
Lost and Stolen Protection
Eco Friendly Premium Materials
Automatic Lead Generation
Update contact information in real time

Frequently Asked Questions:

No, this is a one-time payment only.
No, all our products will work without installing any app.
Once you receive your card, the package will include a 3-step guide to activate and configure your card.

TapTok products are compatible with all Android and iOS phones. We use two methods to share the information without any application.

Method 1 (TAP): All iPhones models XR (+all future models) and around 90% of the Android phones (+all future models) are fully compatible and have NFC-enabled. Simply tap the card on the back of your phone.

Method 2 (SCAN): All Apple and Android phones updated with the latest software have a built-in QR code scanner and are fully compatible. Simply open up the camera and point at the QR-code.

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